Block 7…Students wrote the Latitude and Longitude Unit Test…after the test Ms. Zappone (our student teacher) started students on their journey as a viking. Students were asked to get a textbook and read pp. 31-35, and then to think about what life must have been like for vikings, where did they live?, what did they eat?, what were their villages like?

Homework assignment: Write an autobiography about yourself as a viking…create a diary, a story, dialogue/conversation between two vikings, audio recording, perhaps you want to present a day in the life of a viking or tell a story about a voyage, a battle, an invasion….2 pages, 12 font, double spaced AND a picture…self portrait, family portrait, your house, your boat/at sea, a viking invasion, or maybe a viking dinner and the food you ate. Complete a rough draft of the autobiography and a rough sketch by Friday. The assignment is due on Wednesday October 16.