Block 1…Students will write the Latitude and Longitude Unit Test today…however, in light of the poor results from Block 7, a brief review and practice session will happen before the test.  Let me remind students that it is their responsibility to take good notes, and use them to study prior to the test. In addition, all practice assignments, activities, etc.(the learning) must be completed before the test. Time permitting, after the test Ms. Zappone (our student teacher) will start students on their journey as a viking. Students were asked to get a textbook and read pp. 31-35, and then to think about what life must have been like for vikings, where did they live?, what did they eat?, what were their villages like?

Homework assignment: Write an autobiography about yourself as a viking…create a diary, a story, dialogue/conversation between two vikings, audio recording, perhaps you want to present a day in the life of a viking or tell a story about a voyage, a battle, an invasion….2 pages, 12 font, double spaced AND a picture…self portrait, family portrait, your house, your boat/at sea, a viking invasion, or maybe a viking dinner and the food you ate. Complete a rough draft of the autobiography and a rough sketch by Tuesday. The assignment is due on Thursday October 17.