Block 7…students reviewed latitude and longitude (solstice and equinox, time zones, etc.) one more time… the re-write of the Latitude and Longitude Test was much better 🙂 After the test Ms. Zappone checked the rough drafts and sketches for the Viking autobiography assignment and then students watched a video clip (5 min 36 seconds) about how viking people transformed from being sedentary farmers to the warrior adventurers we think of today. After lunch Students worked in groups of four on a placemat activity where they each came up with an idea about technology that helps us today, and a possible “technology” that helped vikings…examples included (Today: cell phones, computers, cars, aircraft…  Vikings: ships, weapons, farming techniques, shields…) At the end of class we became a Viking Clan and under the guidance of the mythic Viking god Odin embarked an adventure where we chose a settlement location, built a ship, tried to hire a crew, sailed across the North Sea, raided a monastery, sailed back, and presented our stolen goods to our chieftain…he wasn’t pleased that we burned down the monastery…we failed in our quest! Here’s the link to play Viking Quest at home.