First Block…students will check on the progress of the US shut down, and look at Rachel Maddow’s take on the possible consequences (this is a follow up to our earlier conversation during last double block).

Second Block…Students will practice writing a blog (remember the October Assignment??) by watching Tony Porter’s Ted Talk… called “A Call to Men”  and then answering the following prompts (questions) in a reflective blog format:

1) What does he describe as “The Man Box?

2) How does the “man box” affect boys socialization?

3) How does this socialization in the “Man Box” effect relationships with women?

4) Choose one of the next two statements and explain it’s signifigance….

a) “Liberization of man is equal to the liberalization of women”

b) If saying to a boy on the football field that he is playing like a girl would “Crush Him”, what are we teaching boys about girls?

5) What are some ways we can change the way boys are socialized?