On October 17… Students will continue talking about the Tony Porter Video and how the “Man Box” affects all of us… With respect to “The Cycle of Socialization” by Bobbie Haro…Cycle of Socialization…she writes that when explaining how our actions affect prejudice and discrimination, that “our silence is our consent” (pp.20)

What does the Bobbie Haro mean by this? Explain using examples -if you can find some articles that speak to this send them to me and I’ll post the information for the rest of the class. Your assignment for today is to think of a time when you remained silent. What could you have done instead? What were the consequences of your actions? What kind of direction for change could you or would you employ in the future?  As an extension activity, students will look at “How our Socialization as Children Perpetuates Oppression”. The following video was linked to from the above website. This one person’s response to the issue.