Block 1 and Block 7…

Today we began our unit on religion by collaborating and creating a list of world religions that the students have encountered. During the first block we talked about what religion is and how it affects a person’s life. We also looked at the symbols for some of the major world religions and the students commented on where they may have seen them before.  The students completed a Think, Wonder, Learn activity that asked them what they already knew about religion and what they would like to know by the end of the unit. This worksheet was collected at the end of class.

During the second block we examined the origins and traditions of Judaism. The students took notes which explained where Judaism originated and who created it. These notes also provided information about the holy books and holy days recognized by followers of the Jewish faith. The class then watched a short video clip about Judaism and we played a game where students were asked to mention one thing that they learned in today’s class OR one thing that they were curious about after today’s lessons. The students asked some great questions about religion and they made very thought provoking comments!