Feb. 10-14

Students got back their Feudalism tests….

And now for something completely different….students shared their own culture with their peers…what makes us unique? Our food, our traditions, our family stories and history, our language, our religion, etc. What would happen if we suddenly lost touch with our culture…for example, my grandmother made the most wonderful things to eat at every “feast” occasion (like Christmas, Easter, etc.). When she died suddenly I realized I’d never have those foods again because she didn’t teach my mother how to make them…when my mother died many of her special foods were also lost because I never asked her how to make them…part of who I was is now lost and can never be recovered. Students will begin the Project of Heart, and in the process, learn the truth about Indian Residential Schools in Canada.


Students were asked to write about how they would feel if they were told they couldn’t speak their language, eat the food they liked, or what about if you were told you couldn’t have a cell phone anymore ? This is a response to the video we watched in class called “Where are the Children?”