Mar. 31-Apr.4

Students received the ‘Knights Paragraph in class write’ back.

Mar.31…Cultural diffussion…Definition:Movement of a fluid from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Diffusion is a result of the kinetic properties of particles of matter. The particles will mix until they are evenly distributed.
The same happens when one civilization introduces their ideas, food, clothes, traditions, art, etc. to another group…the Crusades may have provided an opportunity for adventure, but one consequence was cultural diffusion of Eastern civilization throughout Europe…these new ideas and products would lead to another big consequence…the end of feudalism!  The crusades were a huge success in terms of opening up Europe to new ideas and products, but was also a huge failure in terms of trying to remove the Muslim influence from the Christian Holy land…students took notes and discussed the issues raided on this powerpoint  crusades-2      Cultural Diffusion-1           Crusadeactivity

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