Students reviewed the assignments that are due (or past due as the case may be). As we completed the Project of Heart, students were asked to complete a memorial tile for the IRS students who died at Kuper’s Island. Mrs. Goldsack came to class on Wednesday and made bannock with students. She talked about the cultural significance of offering food after learning about IRS, and the cultural significance of bannock in general… The April monthly assignment will likely continue into  May… the idea is for students to explore a current issue and follow its progress over the coming weeks…we’ll start with some time in the library looking for an issue (s). Here’s some possible leads…click on the links below: In a clearly undemocratic move, MPs and activists from the far-right, anti-Russian Svoboda Party visited the offices of Ukraine’s state TV broadcaster on Tuesday.  Canadian Mining Company Glamis Gold Ltd. Is seeking to build a cyanide heap-leach mine that would include three huge ore excavation pits, numerous waste-rock dumps, and a large leaching facility on First Nations land.

Here’s the assignment…Current Events Project