Feudalism in England

Feudalism Powerpoint Notes:
Feudalism 2015

Jan. 21…students tapped into their prior knowledge about the feudal system by taking a Kahoot Quiz…followed by notes and discussion.

Jan. 23…students completed the notes and will write a journal entry for a serf living on a typical manor…describe what you see and do on a typical day…Life on a Manor Journal Entry
Due next class!

Jan. 27…Manor Map Assignment
Make sure you have everything on your map that is needed to make it self sufficient…Due, and ready to put on the wall next Monday Feb.2

Jan. 29…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5raoM6xLVI

FEB.2/3…Hand in your manor maps!!
Your task for today is to complete the Feudalism Graphic Organizer demonstrating what you know about the power structure and obligations of the feudal system, AND, record the expectations of Sir Raul (knight to William I in 1066) in order for him to receive his fief.
Feudalism graphic organizer worksheet
The Fief Assignment

Feb. 6…Knights and Chivalry Assignment

Here’s the notes we looked at: knights

Feb. 11…continue to create a job decryption for your knight
Knights and Crudades Inquiry