Knights and Crusades…and Inquiry!

The holy war…today we hear about ISIS and the Jihad…in 1087 Muslims and Christians battled in what Christians called a “Holy War”…the Crusades…here’s an interesting vimeo:

Feb. 6…Knights and Chivalry Assignment

Here’s the notes we looked at: knights

Feb. 11…continue to create a job description for your knight…DUE: FEB.13

Introduction to Inquiry based learning…
Inquiry-based learning is a complex process where students formulate questions, investigate to find answers, build new understandings, meanings and knowledge, and then communicate their learnings to others. This task will help students to begin the process of using inquiry to learn and share (and it might help to complete the Knights and Chivalry Assignment)
Knights and Crudades Inquiry

Crusades video lesson…
Crusades notes…Crusades