Residential Schools: Project of Heart with Ms. Robinson

Feb. 19…students were introduced to the idea of residential schools by playing a confusing game where every table had different rules…and talking was not allowed! How did that make you feel?

Feb. 24…ASSIMILATION here’s a resource that will be helpful for this class: Education Standards Res Schools Students reviewed the activity from last class…students created a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the education/living standards of Brookswood and Residential Schools.

Feb. 26…PERSPECTIVE AND BIAS – students read Thomas Deasy Report and began working on their persuasive letter response.  Deasy Report letter response assignment Here’s a resource that will provide persuasive writing examples:  Persuasive Writing Examples

March 2… Peer Edit and “Where Are the Children” Video. Students peer-edited their Deasy Letters and then created an Assimilation web to organize their thoughts during the video. Deasy letters due March 4. Bring Video web to class March 4.

March 4…Wordle…Memorial Tiles…What do you Know now?…What more would you like to learn?