Back to the Crusades!

April 7….the crusades changed the world (or did they really?) How did Europe change during the time of the crusades?
Think about SOCIAL change
Think about POLITICAL change
Think about ECONOMIC change
Think about RELIGIOUS change
Students spent some time today brainstorming ideas about possible change and then took some notes in preparation for a test!

March 30…these are the notes we started a few weeks ago…with the storyboard assignment attached:

Here’s some information about storyboards…

What is cultural diffusion? What role does it play in history?

Cultural Diffusion is the blending and spreading of cultures. Usually the spreading of culture (art, technology, ideas etc) happens because of travel and trade.

Example: The people in the country next door start doing something and someone from your country goes for a visit and sees what they’re doing. When they come back they tell people what they saw. The next thing you know you are doing it too. Almost every invention we know of spread this way. It started somewhere and spread out because of cultural diffusion…the blending of cultures… the spread of cultural items—such as ideas, styles, religions, technologies, languages etc.